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Niagara Thermal Products


Building upon more than 30 years of design and manufacturing experience in high performance heat exchangers and heat transfer fin, Aavid Niagara, formerly Niagara Thermal Products, has continued to evolve into a leading supplier of custom thermal solutions for a diverse array of markets and applications. Since its early days when it was operating as Niagara Development and Manufacturing Company and the Kintex Company, the company has followed a purposeful program of adding the skills and capabilities which today enable it to successfully solve difficult thermal challenges for many of the world’s leading brands. Today, Aavid Niagara continues to design and supply the broadest range of high value, compact heat exchangers and fins out of its AS9100C/ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility in Niagara Falls, NY.

In recent years, as Niagara Thermal Products, the company acquired both Thermshield LLC and J. Kittredge. The Thermshield acquisition added highly regarded design capabilities for heat sinks and related cooling products for power electronics applications. J. Kittredge added industry leading dip brazing and machining capabilities for chassis and electronic enclosures. Partnerships and supply agreements with over 20 companies in Taiwan and China enabled Niagara Thermal to quickly develop and supply critical thermal components and to offer alternative Asian sourcing for many of its thermal products.

In early 2016 Niagara Thermal was acquired by Aavid Corporation and became the subsidiary Aavid Niagara. With access to Aavid’s expansive design knowledge and global manufacturing capabilities, Aavid Niagara continues to grow its breadth of products and technologies in order to meet the thermal needs of its customers. 

Today's Commitment

The team that Aavid Niagara has assembled is second to none in its capability to offer optimized solutions for some of the most difficult thermal challenges for aerospace, defense, electronic, telecommunication, marine, industrial and vehicle applications. As part of Aavid Corporation, Aavid Niagara continues to provide superior design services and an uncommonly broad and flexible manufacturing capability around the globe. Whether it’s a heat exchanger, heat sink, cold plate, cooled chassis, combination or complete thermal system, Aavid Niagara has the capability to meet your needs.