Bonded Fin Heat Sinks

Bonded Fin Heat SinksBonded Fin Heat Sinks

Bonded fin heat sinks can provide significant cooling surface increase over conventional extrusions without increasing system volume. This increased surface area, thinner fins, higher conductivity fin material and fin heights are all benefits of this construction.


  • Maximum thermal surface area
  • Dense fin pitch versus other technologies
  • Large fin heights are easily provided
  • Fins attached typically by brazing, soldering or thermally conductive epoxy
  • Minimal tooling required

Design Guidelines

  • Airflow lengths unlimited
  • Fin densities of 100+ per inch possible
  • Aluminum, copper, SS, inconel, etc.
  • Fin material can differ from base material
  • Fin thickness typically from .010” to .080” (other thickness as needed)
  • Brazed, soldered or thermal epoxy bonded depending on thermal resistance required
  • Fins can easily be non-uniform geometry with no post machining