Custom Compact Evaporator Design & Manufacturing

Custom EvaporatorsWhen your application requires a custom compact evaporator, Niagara Thermal is your source. We are a global leader in designing and manufacturing two phase heat exchangers used for evaporation tasks (including ECS evaporators). Our compact evaporators are typically used in environmental control and vapor compression systems for military vehicles and aircraft, commercial aircraft, and for electronics cooling, fuel cell, power generation, waste heat recovery and general industrial uses.

Compact Evaporator Design Services - Our Specialty

When standard products can't meet your heat transfer needs, we provide evaporator design services to develop solutions that are efficient and affordable. Our team of experienced thermal engineers and designers choose from our vast array of heat transfer fin and a broad selection of materials to create custom evaporator designs specific for your needs.

Broad Manufacturing Capabilities for Compact Evaporator Designs

Custom EvaporatorsOur lean manufacturing capabilities and operations allow us to provide our clients industry leading technology with excellent value. We utilize an uncommonly broad selection of materials, manufacturing processes and tolerances to maximize the operating efficiency of our products. Efficient process planning offers the flexibility to produce large or small orders at affordable prices.

Our Compact Evaporators Are Optimized and Built to Last

Niagara Thermal is dedicated to superior quality from design through delivery. We are certified to AS 9100 and ISO 9001. Further, we employ a systems level understanding of the entire vapor compression cycle to yield more efficient solutions. Using proprietary sizing programs leveraged with our vacuum brazing experience, we will optimize your compact evaporator performance to assure our design meets or exceeds your application requirements. We will provide you with the most compact and light weight solution available.