Electrical Enclosures/Chassis

Electrical Enclosures/ChassisNiagara Thermal Products’ Hudson, Mass facility, formerly J Kittredge, has supplied unique electrical enclosures that vary from the very simple to the highly complex for over 30 years. Our experience in the defense and aerospace market sectors have matched the highly skilled process. Our ability to combine difficult machining and the complex joining of multiple components, allows Niagara Thermal to provide unique, sophisticated chassis products. Our engineering staff works closely with the customer to optimize machined features and drive the decisions for component splits to build the functionality that is necessary for the application.


Electrical Enclosures/Chassis
  • Integrated fastening methods
  • Build to print or designed to your need
  • Multiple coatings available on finished product
  • Product testing as specified

Design Guidelines

  • Unlimited variability in enclosure features
  • Stress analysis available upon request
  • Thermal analysis available upon request