Electronics Cooling

Niagara Thermal Products designs and manufactures heat sinks, cold plates and compact heat exchangers suitable for direct or indirect cooling of electronic components. These products can be designed using natural or forced convection, or use a fluid compatible with electronic components. All these heat transfer products are designed and built for specific applications, ensuring the most cost-effective solution.

Custom Design is Our Specialty

When standard industry products can't meet your heat transfer needs, Niagara Thermal will design a solution that is efficient and affordable. We combine:

  • experienced thermal engineers
  • knowledge of your industry
  • specialized engineering software

to develop a cold plate, heat sink or heat exchanger that will meet your specific standards.

Broad Manufacturing Capability

Niagara Thermal utilizes an uncommonly broad selection of materials, manufacturing processes and tolerances to maximize the operating efficiency of its products. Efficient process planning offers the flexibility to produce large or small orders at an affordable price.

Use our design specification sheet to tell us about your electronics heat transfer needs.