Electronics Heat Sink Design & ManufacturingElectronics Heat Sink Design & Manufacturing

When your application requires a custom electronics heat sink, Niagara Thermal is your source. Niagara Thermal is a global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing custom heat sinks. Our custom heat sinks are primarily used for electronics cooling across the defense, aerospace, commercial and industrial markets. Typical applications include avionics, radar systems, power generation systems, laser systems, medical systems, optics and business machines.

Electronics Heat Sink Design

Niagara Thermal's engineering team leverages its vast folded fin expertise for designing and manufacturing custom electronics heat sinks. Using a broad array of fin and a wide variety of materials (Aluminum, Copper and other alloys on request) and configurations, our designs provide superior heat dissipation compared to alternative extruded or pin fin configurations. We customize every product for your application, supplying a design that becomes your unique solution. Further, our project management team-based approach provides quick and highly responsive design communication and interface. We offer modeling and protoyping services and can produce custom heat sinks to meet every application.

Electronics Heat Sink Manufacturing

Electronics Heat Sink Design & ManufacturingNiagara Thermal's vertically integrated manufacturing operation has supported a variety of complex, custom heat sink applications. The broad range methods we employ provides an unusually large spectrum of possible strategies for increasing surface area and optimizing air flow through the heat sink device. The CNC machining, electrical discharge machining (EDM) and low and high temperature brazing cells in our operation are suited for almost any product design.

We have a strong track record of quality in the aerospace and defense markets, with FAA certification, as well as AS 9100 and ISO 9001. Our production and quality processes ensure optimal tolerance control. Our manufacturing efficiency offers the flexibility to produce large or small orders at an affordable price.