Electronics & TelecommunicationsElectronics & Telecommunications

Niagara Thermal Products is a worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of heat transfer components for the electronics and telecommunication industries.

Successful Track Record

Niagara Thermal has been supplying heat transfer fin, heat sinks and cold plates to the electronics and telecommunications industries for the past thirty years. Clients such as Motorola, Nortel, Lucent Technologies and Eastman Kodak rely on Niagara Thermal's design and manufacturing expertise.

Performance and Quality

As electronic component performance increases, the demand for better methods of heat transfer grows. Niagara Thermal's wide range of fin configuration designs combined with its experience using a broad range of materials supports the development of efficient and compact heat transfer products not otherwise commercially available.

Custom Design

Our engineering staff does their best work from a blank piece of paper. Give us your application parameters and your space claim requirements and we will develop the most efficient heat transfer solution available.

Niagara Thermal Products' reputation for quality, performance and value is recognized throughout the electronics and telecommunications industries.