Extruded Fin Heat Sinks

Extruded Fin Heat Sinks Extruded Fin Heat Sinks

A majority of heat sink currently in production are made using finned aluminum extrusions. Aluminum is lightweight, has high thermal conductivity and is easily customized & machined to fit a wide variety of applications. Recent improvements in extrusion tooling and pressing processes allow far greater fin density, more cooling surface, than was available just a few years ago. Increased cooling surface with proper air flow reduces semiconductor junction temperatures, increase power output and increases system life.


  • Best value cost option for high volume production
  • Ultrahigh extrusions give maximum cooling area with single piece construction
  • New custom designs are relatively inexpensive to tool
  • May replace bonded fin parts at lower cost
  • Various low cost surface finishes offer cosmetic and corrosion protection

Design Guidelines

  • Typical extrusions fit within an 8.0 inch tooling diameter
  • Larger extrusions, up to 16.0 inch diameter tool, are available
  • Common extrusion material is 6063-T5 ( k = 201 W/mK)
  • Ultrahigh extrusion ratios up to as much as 20:1, size dependent
  • Fin thickness down to 0.020” (0.50 mm) depending on height above base.
  • Standard commercial extrusion tolerances apply to extruded features.
  • Many existing tools offer rapid prototypes / short run parts.