Folded Fin Heat SinksFolded Fin Heat Sinks

Folded fin heat sinks from Niagara Thermal Products offer the maximum convective cooling surface in minimum volume. Developed for aerospace and military markets, folded-fin heat sinks are positioned to solve the toughest air cooling applications. With Niagara Thermal’s broad selection of folded fin, you are able to get the optimum solution for performance and price. This product is customized for your application.


  • Lightweight
  • Minimize material usage
  • Maximize thermal surface area
  • Tight fin spacing versus other technologies
  • Maximum convective performance
  • Fins attached typically by brazing or welding, however thermally conductive epoxy can also be utilized

Folded Fin Heat SinksDesign Guidelines

  • Airflow lengths unlimited
  • Fin densities up to 50+ fins per inch
  • Aluminum, copper, inconel, etc.
  • Fin thickness from .001” to .040”
  • Heat Transfer Fin types include lanced and offset, square crest, round crest, wavy, single louver and multi louver
  • Brazed or soldered provide highest performance
  • Base material and fin material match recommended for CTE match
  • For any holes or cutouts, fins must be EDM wire cut