Heat Pipe Heat Sinks

Heat Pipe CoolerNiagara Thermal Products provides full thermal and structural analysis of heat sink solutions across all markets. Heat Pipe heat sinks provide a unique improvement over simple extruded or other single component heat sinks. With the incorporation of heat pipes, this style heat sink is able to move energy away from where you must provide the cooling, but remotely eliminate it from the system. It also, enhances performance significantly with the use of two-phase cooling. At the core of every heat pipe is a fluid which is allowed to evaporate at the heat input site, and condense at the cooling site. The heat transfer potential of this well-known thermodynamic process is unmatched in typical conduction within aluminum or copper. This unique, cost optimized component provides a level of thermal performance unmatched in conventional heat sinks.


  • Aluminum or Copper heat sink
  • 4, 6, 8 ,10 , 12 and 25 mm heat pipes available
  • Soldered, epoxied or mechanically attached to base and fins
  • Up to 20 inches in length
  • Best performance in a heat sink
  • Solutions driven by our experienced engineering team
CPU Pipe Cooler

Design Guidelines

  • Provide details on the device being cooled
    • Overall heat output
    • Junction or surface temperature required
    • Variability in heat flux on surface (“hot spots”)
  • Fins usually air cooled but can be embedded in a cold plate for additional cooling if necessary
  • Use heat pipes only where necessary
  • More costly than simple extrusion, but greater performance
  • Can be integrated into all types of heat sink base styles