Liquid Cooling Systems

Liquid Cooling SystemsLiquid cooling has been utilized in cooling electronics for over 30 years. Niagara Thermal has been on the forefront of liquid cooling applications across industries needing unique customer solutions which require the integration of a heat exchanger (radiator), cold plate, pump, tubing, connections and fluid. Niagara’s experience offers our customers reliable, high performing liquid cooling that is optimized for the device, package and environmental conditions. This unique, cost optimized component provides a level of thermal performance unmatched in conventional heat sinks.


  • Custom cold plate and heat exchanger designs
  • Multiple fluids available (conductive and non-conductive)
  • Industry proven pumps and connection systems
  • Enhanced performance over any air cooled heat sink
Liquid Cooling Systems

Design Guidelines

  • Provide details on the device being cooled
    • Overall heat output
    • Junction or surface temperature required
    • Variability in heat flux on surface (“hot spots”)
  • Airflow required unless another liquid to liquid heat exchanger is in system
  • Fluid selection based on multiple factors (permeation, conductivity, thermal conductivity, etc….)