Skived Fin Heat Sinks

Skive Fin Heat Sinks

Skived fins are produced by precisely shaving a solid block of aluminum or copper to form the fins on top of the starting material. The fins are integral to the base material, so the resistance of the heat sink is not increased by an interface layer of solder or epoxy.  Skived heat sinks also require minimal tooling charges, which makes them a cost effective solution. Skived heat sinks can also be customized with embedded heat pipes to add a performance boost if required.


  • Lightweight
  • Integral fins – "one piece construction"
  • Reduced thermal resistance – no filler material required
  • Higher fin densities than extruded
  • High aspect ratio
  • Prototype without tooling expenses
  • Typically low cost

Design Guidelines

  • Airflow lengths limited by cutter
  • Fin densities 50+ fins per inch
  • Fin thickness from .008"
  • Aluminum is best material
  • High aspect ratios (aluminum)
  • Copper is limited in height and pitch, because of the manufacturing process
  • No filler material