Niagara Thermal Introductory Webcast

Niagara Thermal Products LLC is a world class thermal solutions provider with outstanding engineering capabilities and market knowledge; as well as the experience to provide in-depth thermal analysis and design. Our manufacturing processes enable us to turn around prototypes in as little as three to four weeks, enabling you to get to market before your competition. We have the comprehensive capabilities to provide the following services, all under one roof:

  • Heat Sinks-Brazed, Bonded & Extrusions
  • Heat Exchangers-Plate / Fin & Tube / Fin
  • Cold Plates-Vacuum Brazed or Stir Welded
  • Heat Pipe Assemblies-Small Diameter
  • CNC Machining
  • Heat Transfer Fin-Folded & Extrusions
  • Vacuum & Dip Brazed Chassis & Assemblies

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We are currently scheduling 15-minute introductory webcast presentations with our subject matter expert to discuss our breadth of capabilities, as well as our potential impact on your speed-to-market and cost savings.

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